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The Sicilian way of life is fascinating, one of a kind. Being the largest island in the Mediterranean, with close links with Italy, Sicily has acted as a reference point for travelers, both in the past and nowadays. Sicily is a mix of culture, architectural styles, art and nature, colorful dishes and popular traditions that continue to live in every country.

From this unmissable medley we have extracted 5 unmissable experiences for you.

1. Greek temples and not only

Temple of Selinunte - Sicily

One of the most unique features of Sicily is the Greek history that has remained visible in many archaeological sites. Think also only of Selinunte and Segesta. Not to mention the Valley of the Temples of Agrigento which contains the best Greek remnants of the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the summer it is also wonderful to be able to attend the various cultural performances that are set up on these sites.

If the fascinating Roman art interests you, you should definitely visit Piazza Armerina, famous in the world for the Roman mosaics of the villa del Casale. More than a villa, in reality it is the remains of an imperial palace. There, seated before the ruins, I am lost to fantasize dreaming of the life of that civilization that thanks to remains like this it is possible to rebuild and admire.

2. Go up on the Etna

Vulcano Etna - Sicily

If you are looking for adventure you could take part in an excursion that would take you to see the sunrise on Etna. You will leave at night by jeep and arrive at the slopes of the volcano and then continue on foot in the light of the torches. The destination will be one of the most beautiful and scenic spots to wait for the sun to rise. Going back you will be able to see, with light, the lush vegetation and the rock formations left by the various eruptions.

3. The sea and the seaside resorts

The Bay of Canneto in Lipari Aeolian Islands

Sicily is made of unforgettable natural landscapes, Mount Etna on one side and the sea view coves on the other, then there are the city centers full of wonders.

Taormina pearl of Sicily

In Taormina, for example, a pretty village built on one side of a hill overlooking the Ionian Sea, I suggest going through the enchanting cobblestone streets and alleys from one end of the city to the other, tasting its history, gastronomic delights and assisting to real natural shows overlooking the many open views of the sea and the surrounding hills.

In CATANIA, on the other hand, you will find Baroque air, finely decorated historic buildings, rounded balconies in wrought iron and churches full of frescoes.

Catania the baroque in Sicily

To visit the island and turn it around freely, I recommend renting a house or an apartment to use as a "base" for your travels. In the cities there are many possibilities with different prices, to find what suits you.

There are many Sicilian towns that each year get the FEE Blue Flag, which is awarded to the most environmentally conscious and clean sea destinations. These include the beaches of Lipari and Vulcano, Ispica-Santa Maria del Focallo, Marina di Ragusa and Menfi, in the province of Agrigento. In fact, to the west of the island, not far from Sciacca, there is one of the most famous beaches: Porto Palo. Here the sea is deep and absolutely wonderful. Not far away you can also visit the Zingaro nature reserve, with fine white sand and sea dotted with rocks.

Clear waters of the Sicilian sea

4. Sicilian cannoli and typical sweets

Italy is renowned for its incredible food and Sicily is no exception. From savory to sweet, from breakfast to dinner, you can taste tasty and full of traditions.

Sicilian cannoli and typical sweets of the island

Among all the cannoli dominates, you can not leave the island without having tasted it, or rather eaten one of them. A crunchy shell of pasta is enriched with ricotta cream and decorated with candied fruit and chocolate flakes. After the first bite, you will not be able to stop.

5. The markets

Mercato della Vucciria - Palermo

In Palermo you can make a real street food tour among the markets that represent the ideal place for an authentic dip in the past and in the most ancient traditions of the Sicilian people. You get there, skirting disused neighborhoods, ruined buildings full of increasingly silent memories, entering spaces marked by broken doors or along roads and alleys, where an intense smell of sea, spices or ripe fruit is the guide. The four most important and historical markets are: the Vucciria, the Capo, the Borgo Vecchio, and finally the very old one of Ballarò, in the heart of the city, attended daily by hundreds of people of all races, animated by the so-called "abbanniate" the noisy calls of the sellers who, with their characteristic and colorful local accent, try to attract the interest of passers-by. There are also sellers of cooked food, typical of the cuisine of Palermo, ready to take home, such as the legendary arancini, boiled or baked onions, panelle, cazzilli, boiled vegetables, octopus and sandwiches. And if we talk about sandwiches, I recommend the one with the meusa, which you can often find by vendors with a trolley at the center of the market.

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